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Pro Night Shankar Mahadevan at Kuruksastra 2010
Crazy Mohan Crazy Mohan presents Chocolate Krishna at kuruksastraX
Paint Ball fun at KURUKSASTRA can never get better
Karthik "Wow!.... What an Audience!"
Naresh Iyer SASTRA!... I Love You!
RJ Suchi "Most Enthusiastic Crowd! Never Felt More Encouraged!"
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Sunday December 04 , 2022
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Come one, come all. It's that time of the year when SASTRA University is transformed into a mass of hollering, yahooing, high five-ing, fist pumping, panting out-of-breath bodies whose sole aim is to entertain you and outwit the rest. Kuruksastra is back and after the tremendous response we received from our peers from outside, we just can't wait to get started on KS'10 or KS-X as we have named it this time. Be part of our journey and we promise you, no no no, we guarantee you this crowd ain't nothing like you've ever seen before!!!

We present KURUKSASTRA 2010!!!


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